Sunday, April 26, 2009

Japan meets Poland

at Location One first summer International Residency Program exhibition featuring works of Nicolas Grospierre (Poland) and Kaeko Mizukoshi (Japan).

Kaeko Mizukoshi, Hymn, 2009, video still
Kaeko Mizukoshi is at the forefront of videoart in Japan. The motifs of her videoworks are based on research on violence in contemporary society.In her video 'Hymn' Kaeko documents a nighttime scene at a Los Angeles bus stop that depicts a seemingly endless dialogue between a man, who rants indecipherably, and an awaiting passenger who responds with unrelated religious exclamations.

Nicolas Grospierre presents conceptual series of photographs depicting the interiors of New York City bank vaults. Grospierre’s project is particularly prescient in today’s economic crisis and daily bank bailouts.

Nicolas Grospierre, Bank, 2009

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