Sunday, September 5, 2010

exhibition: EAA

The exhibition, Emerging Asian Artists at Art Gwangju 2010, highlights the top emerging Asian contemporary artists who have contributed to bringing Asia to the forefront of the international art world. Japan has been represented by Akira Mayanaga, Kei Takemura, Koizumi Meiro, Koki Tanaka and Soshi Matsunobe.

Soshi Matsunobe
, Direction of materials, installation, 2010


Hmm..very interesting choice.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nam June Paik Award

This year competing for the award are two Japanese - Daito Manabe who describes himself as an artist programmer, designer, DJ, VJ and composer and Ei Wada a.k.a. Crab Feet who is sound, music and media artist. The latter I happen to see performing at Japan Media Art Festival earlier this year.

Ei WadaThe Braun Tube Jazz Band, 2009
I wouldn't like to jump into conclusion but doesn't this over representation mean something? Isn't it new nihonga?