Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Naito Rei, Matrix, 2007
Last issue of ARTiT (no.23) features interview with Naito Rei, artist who made a lot of stir at 47. Venice Biennale with her 'one at the time' viewing method. She is one of these artist who claims that creating isn't about making something anew but noticing or discovering something that already exists. And because she thinks her works are not meant to be analyzed closely I refrain to description of my favorite piece - matrix (2007) shown at Nizayama Forest Art Museum in Toyama in which water trickled from the ceiling to the deliberately polished floor. There was a rumor that artist left some message spelled on the floor letter by letter so that the word was hard to read. Supposedly, a child found it but since artist herself has never confirmed whether she wrote anything the rumor became part of the artwork itself. Otherwise it is so ethereal, so nonchalant, that it slips from normal consciousness.

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