Saturday, April 4, 2009

art math

On 2nd April MOT opened new exhibition +/−[the infinite between 0 and 1] showing Ryoji Ikeda works. The artist is a leading electronic composer and sound artist working in both visual and sonic media.

Ryoji Ikeda, data.tron [8k enhanced version], 2008, installation

The exhibition title comes from the artist's data experiments which he's been doing with Harvard mathematician Benedict Gross and it shows new commissions along with the previous works such as data.tron presented this January at Ars Electronica center in Linz, a floor-to-ceiling screens with a staggering numbers projected at high speed.

photo: Liz Hingley

.. talking mathematics it reminds me of yet another work ..

Masahiko Sato/Takahashi Kiriyama, Arithmetik Garden, 2007, installation
in which participants select a card with a number to hang on the neck becoming number themselves and go thru various gates indicating basic math operation to reach the total of 73 before exiting. Each card is embedded with chip and the computer tracks user’s steps. The work was part of last year group show at Mori Museum Roppongi Crossing which was introducing emerging talents from Japan juxtaposed with Japanese artists from 60s. and 70s.

photo: Kioku Keizo

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