Wednesday, May 1, 2013

art in action: Paris&Wizard

I've been posting about Ei Arakawa quite a lot already. Here is the video of his recent commission for MoMA that took place in conjunction with the exhibition Tokyo 1955-1970: A new avant-garde in which he examines pivotal story lines of early Japanese video art in the 1970s and interprets them into musical form. Paris & Wizard is based in part on particular relationships between MoMA curator Barbara London and video artists around Japan, highlights creative curiosities about new media, and the personal ties that enabled the export of this new Japanese scene into North American and European contexts.

The links below active until the end of May. Password Wizard

Part 1 (10:13)
Part 2 (9:35)
Part 3 (13:21)
Part 4 (11:49)

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