Wednesday, May 26, 2010

paper work

Sachiko Abe, Cut papers, performance, 2002
Liverpool Biennial has announced the artists participating in Touched, the International exhibition for the 6th Liverpool Biennial International Festival of Contemporary Art. Artists currently proposing new commissions for Touched include Sachiko Abe.

Sachiko, a performance artists started cutting paper when she was a mental hospital patient. It helped her to calm and deflected the need to cut herself. 'It takes 40 minutes to cut one whole paper,' she writes in her explanatory note. From small cuts in paper, over the duration of the exhibition, she constructs a strikingly beautiful, ephemeral cocoon around herself.

Talking paper here are two other artist/art collective dealing with this media.

Yuken Teruya, Notice- Forest, 2005
Yuken Teruya who conveys a powerful political and environmental message with his microscopically paper cut trees sitting inside discarded McDonald’s and Chanel bags and Plaplax (Chikamori Motoshi, Kunoh Kyoko, Kakehi Yasuaki) playing with paper cuts and shadow.

Plaplax, Para para site, 2009, installation

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