Saturday, May 30, 2009

Art Safari: Murakami

For those who haven't had enough of Murakami here is more..

in Ben Lewis TV series Art Safari in which he meets some of the most discussed contemporary artists and challenge their work with provoking questions.

In the episode dedicated to Takashi Murakami - Toying with Art, Lewis keeps asking critics, curators and collectors what are their theories about Murakami. Is it as superficial as it looks? He doesn't seem much convinced by their savant answers.


lisander said...

Also, I think if he had gone to Japan like two years after the documentary was published, Murakami's presence in Japan and his toy's would have been less popular... and the documentary would have been really different. On the other hand, world-wide Murakami's toys are still found at important international art fairs. I think that has a lot to say about the real relationship of Murakami with Japanese art scene, or probably with the whole "pop society" he's trying to portrait.


Sorry to come back so late but somehow I missed your comment. But anyways, is he trying to portrait anything? I think that his marriage with commercialism already clouded his message.