Wednesday, March 4, 2009

project room: Shimabuku

It is symptomatic that international artist of Japanese origins rarely show in Japan. Shimabuku ever since he moved to Berlin has not been seen much on the islands. That's why his retrospective in WATARI-UM is a good news.

Michihiro ShimabukuBorn as a Box, 2001, installation
Shimabuku's works begin with simple, often surreal ideas. A sound sclupture which features talking cardboard box meditating on it own box-ness is no exception.

Michihiro Shimabuku, Fish&Chips, 2006, film
For Liverpool Biennial artist made a film which documents the fictional encounter between the popular British dish (fish&chips) constituents - fish and potato. This seemingly absurd encounter ultimately encourages a questioning of the mundane elements of daily life.

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