Friday, January 9, 2009

exhibition: haptic

Tokyo Wonder Site (TWS) proves every time and again that it shows good selection of emerging art. This time at TWS Hongo as part of Haptic exhibition which ends on 12. this month I discovered two interesting Japanese artists working in rather unusual materials.
Miki Kubota, Deshadowed: Nailing, 2007
Miki Kubota creates sculptures from furniture which are then either attached to the wall or placed carelessly on the floor. This transformation though has nothing to do with Alessandro Mendini and his followers interventions but rather with deconstructivism. The 'interior' of the furniture, usually inaccessible is here reassembled in an abstract form.

Akiko Miyanaga, Nagi notod oku asa, 2008
Akiko Miyanaga creats her works from less tangible material which which is naphthalene. She casts it into the shape of everyday items which slowly disintegrate within the time leaving memories of what they previously had been for those who saw it in different stages. From Jan 9th she will take part in the exhibition at Shiseido Gallery. For details check

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