Thursday, October 9, 2008

project room: paramodel

I've just come back from Tokyo Wonder Site where I saw an awesome installation by Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yusuke Nakano, an artist duo from Osaka prefecture currently based in Kyoto. What they do as PARAMODEL is covering white gallery walls with plastic toy train rail tracks which wind endlessly covering everything from the floor to the ceiling. They look like graffiti from the distance and like a rail road map from a close up where respective elements of the urban landscape are recognizable. All has a stunning visual effect!
Paramodel, Paramodelic graffiti, 2005, Kyoto Art Center
When I google them it turns out that they cover in their graffiti not only gallery walls (see below).

Paramodel, Paramodelic graffiti on the roof garden of the Sawada Mansion
Paramodel, Plarail, 2007, Okazaki Mindscape Museum
photo: paramodel and Seiji Toyonaga

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